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Frequently asked Questions

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What are the GTC reception hours?

Reception is fully managed from 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

What are the lease options?

We offer short term flexible licence agreements for units and monthly rollover agreements for desk space in the Cube.

How do I gain access to GTC outside office hours?

Members have 24/7 access to the building. Each member is provided with a fob to gain access to the building out of hours and weekends.

How do I book a meeting room?

We have a range of meeting rooms available, which can be booked at reception. Our members and Virtual Office holders also have the ability to book certain meeting rooms on the GTC website.

What canteen facilities does the GTC have?

We have a self service canteen with hot water, fresh milk and vending machines. We also have an on-site O’Briens Sandwich bar and coffee shop open from 8am- 4pm, Monday to Friday.

How does incoming and outgoing post work?

The post is delivered and collected by An Post between 9am-10am Monday to Friday. There is an outgoing post tray at reception for outgoing mail. Each company is assigned their own individual post-box. The post is distributed to each post-box each morning.

When are the offices’s cleaned?

Where cleaning services are required, offices are cleaned once a week on an assigned day. Extra cleaning can be arranged through agreement with management.

Is Parking available at GTC?

Yes, there is an ample amount of free parking in the business park.

How do we set-up our network in GTC?

Each Unit in the GTC is configured with its own network segment. Units have an internal Comms cabinet which contains network connections (RJ-45) to the Data network for internet and Voice network for phones. Each Unit in GTC has its own LAN IP address scheme. Companies will have to acquire a network HubSwitch in order to complete access for their own internal network (LAN). SwitchHub pricing is available from GTC Reception.

Are there any restrictions on the services we can host from our network?

Prior approval is required from GTC management for the provision of hosting services.

Is wifi available in GTC?

Yes. GTC has wifi coverage throughout the building.

Is wifi available to guests and visitors?

Yes. Guests may avail of complimentary wi-fi access throughout the building.

What type of phone system is available in GTC and what capabilities does it offer to tenant companies?

GTC has a CISCO IP Telephony system installed. This is a modern Voice over IP system (VoIP) which offers tenants features including: Direct Dial inwards (DDI), Call-Waiting, Call-Forwarding, Voice Mail. Basic interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities are also available with the phone system as an extra option. Enquiries to GTC reception.

Is our network protected by a firewall?

Yes, a CISCO Firewall protects the internal network. You can also request a static public IP address from GTC, if you require access to services on your network (e.g. email,Web Services, FTP etc). Firewall rules are then configured according to customer requests.

Can we access our network from remote locations?

No, not directly. Access to your internal access is secured by a CISCO Firewall. To allow access to internal services on your network you can avail of a static public IP address. Using this address you can configure remote access using devices on your own internal network (LAN).

What broadband access is available in GTC?

1Gigabyte High-speed uncontended fibre broadband is available to all tenants located in GTC. The shared service is included in the service cost for all tenants and is provided via a direct link to the Galway Metropolitan Area Network (MAN). Additional uncontended broadband can be provided to tenants at competitive rates should additional dedicated broadband be required.

Are there any restrictions on the content we can access on the internet?

No. There are no internet restrictions imposed on any company. However, the internet is intended for business use on a fair use policy and management reserves the right to control access to sites which are not consistent with the above policy.