Funding Advisory Series


One of the core objectives of Galway Technology Centre is to provide a space for companies to scale and grow.

This has been a significant part of our remit since we were established in the mid 90s and it remains a central focus of the service we provide to our member companies today.

For companies to scale they need access to finance, which can be challenging to secure at times.

To help address that challenge, GTC is delighted to announce a new Funding Advisory Series of seminars which we will be running in conjunction with PwC.

The series will be open to GTC members and other scaling companies from across the region with an interest in sourcing finance and knowing what tax reliefs are available for their business.

The series aims to provide details about what current funding is available across the western region and what is applicable for a business depending on where they are in their life cycle. We will also look at ways companies can put their best foot forward when it comes to making the case for different sources of funding and tax reliefs.

For any business to move successfully from start-up to scale-up it needs to carefully navigate each stage of its growth cycle. So, being aware of which stage of the cycle the business is at, is in itself essential, if you’re looking to attract funding.

Knowing what funding and tax reliefs are available at each stage of the process, and how these can be accessed are vital parts of leading any later-stage or scale-up business.

These will be just some of the points discussed during our first seminar, which will be entitled Funding Options for Scaling/Growing your Business.


It will take place in the GTC Mezzanine at 12pm on Wednesday 26th October. As well as our series partners PwC, this seminar will also include contributions from Bank of Ireland, the Halo Business Angel Network (HBAN), Western Development Commission (WDC) and Rapid7.

The talk will provide information on the different types of funding available for later stage start-ups and scaling companies, including information on active funders in the market. An overview of the current funding landscape will also be provided, as well as examples of successful outcomes.

All of this is aimed at helping scaling companies, or later stage start-ups, from across the West of Ireland, in their efforts to unlock funding as they seek to take the next step in their business life cycle.

Register for the first event here –