Brexit: ‘This is not a Drill!’ – Webinar Recording

Original Webinar:  17.9.20


Description:   Brexit: ‘This is not a Drill’

Speakers:       Breda Fox – Head of Enterprise, LEO Galway

Sean Cummings – Partner and UK and European Patent, Trade Mark and Design Attorney, Keltie LLP

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Breda Fox will look to outline the current supports that government is rolling out to Irish businesses through the Local Enterprise Office and Enterprise Ireland in line with the looming Brexit date of 31.12.20.  Although Covid-19 has largely cast the Brexit negotiations into the shadows for a large part of 2020, the looming deadlines and recent media headlines on the matter have brought the issues to the forefront again.


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Keltie, a London headquartered company began making their Brexit contingency plans over four years ago  with the establishment of an office in Galway. Since 2016, Sean Cummings has played an active part in the business support network for innovators and start-ups in the region. In 2017, Sean offered his thoughts on Keltie’s move to Galway and securing an office in the EU.  Now, three years on, with offices in the UK and EU, we will hear what Brexit will mean for Sean, Keltie and the businesses they support..


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Brexit: Webinar