The Chronicles of Microsoft Power BI

by Galway Technology Centre

The Chronicles of Microsoft Power BI

All are very welcome to attend the Galway Power BI User Group’s monthly meeting here in the PorterShed in the heart of Galway City.  We’re always seeking new members, so book your seat today!

Power BI is the exciting new program from Microsoft which quickly gets you insights from data:

This time our Co-Leader, Anne Walsh, is presenting on Power Query (PQ) which is fully embedded within the Power BI program.  PQ extracts the initial data.  Then as you transform data by interacting with the user-friendly Microsoft ribbon of PQ commands, the steps get recorded as “M” code for instant replay next time.  Finally, exit Power Query by the close & load of queries as tables into your main Power BI screen and start getting those data insights you’ve always wanted.

Anne is bound to get you hooked on Power Query!



  1. Welcome! (Anne)
  2. Power Query (Anne)
  3. Guest speaker Mary Fealty (@Br0adtree) presents:


“The Chronicles of Microsoft Power BI”

In this session Mary will take you through her personal review of Power BI by looking back at the many updates there have been since its launch in 2015. She will do a walkthrough of many of the updates or enhancements to Power BI, though she may occasionally dwell on some more than others, and for folks familiar with Power BI she aims to generate some of the following responses –

  • Know that!
  • Forgot that!
  • When did that happen ?!


About the speaker:

Mary is an old gamer who replaced her enjoyment of gaming with working with data. That’s how satisfying data is to her. She has been a massive fan of Power BI from its infancy to now. She makes her living from Power BI, as founder of Broadtree Solutions, Power BI trainers & consultants, ( based in Belfast, covering the UK & Ireland. She can also be spotted on Game of Thrones, as a Wildling.


Breaks are very important when learning new stuff, so expect to have a networking breakout as well!

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See what Power BI can do for you!

Note: Power BI is not fully supported on Apple Mac.


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