Member Focus – Chipright

Chipright is a strategic partner for electronic consulting engineers. We source and supply senior level consulting engineers that are experts within their filed of competence to technology projects in the micro-electronics industry.

Tell us about your company/organisation?

Chipright deliver sought after senior-level electronic engineers to R&D technology projects inside corporate multinational clients.

Our corporate policies and engagement structures directly fit and align to the communication, resourcing and procurement processes that multinational companies deploy, making Chipright a value-added partner within their supply chain. We align to their project management infrastructure to deliver R&D projects with exceptional engineering resources.

Our corporate policies, procedures and daily work routine methods are built upon the PMP (Project Management Professional) standard and our acceptance of our responsibilities in delivering value-added services within that professional capacity is what makes Chipright a key strategic partner and asset to our customer base.

What does your company/organisation do?

Chipright source and supply high caliber consulting engineers to undertake projects on behalf of our customers. We listen to our customer requirements and qualify them using our internal quality control procedures to understand if the requirement can be filled and delivered in time, cost and quality. Our internal account managers will do this by following an internal set of best practice guidelines.

  • We align project requirements with respect to our collective T&C’s.
  • We accept budget guidelines and qualify project’s internally against our on-boarding criteria.
  • We position the project within our engineering department.
  • We source the engineers from a proven pool of talent.
  • We interview and screen the engineers from a technical, financial and motivational perspective.
  • We engage and manage engineers through the lifecycle of a project.
  • We finance the payment to the engineers through the lifecycle of a project.
  • We manage the entire customer account through a well-defined and controlled communication channel.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 2005.

What’s the company’s origin story?

A group of young engineers graduated from the electronic engineering departments in NUIG and GMIT in the late 90’s early 2000. At that time there were an abundant number of Integrated Circuit technology companies operating in Galway and work was easy come by. Companies located in Galway that were focused on the hardware IC design industry at that time included 3COM, S3 (Silicon and Software Systems), PMC-Sierra and Nortel.

Unexpectedly, the dot com boom hit in 2001 timeframe and within the space of 1 year, several of these companies had closed up and redundancies became the norm. This replicated across other tech sectors as well including the software industry. Having gone through a redundancy scenario so early in a graduates career can be very unsettling – leaving many questions unanswered – and certainly made us question if we chose the right career path in college.

We were left with a decision to make – either find work in an industry we believed in and wished to remain in or change career path. The options available to us locally in the IC industry within Ireland at that time were few and far between as other cities had experienced the same pattern. It was difficult to find work in the industry we wanted to remain in. However, having spent time networking we came across a company who had work but it meant we had to leave Ireland and work on a consultancy basis with their customer. This was not something we were accustomed to, aware of and didn’t fully understand the model.

We took up the opportunity and collectively gained invaluable experience which would stand to us for years to come. We worked on leading edge mobile phone IC technology, learning the core technology and the tools of the trade, working in a fast-paced environment which gave us the knowledge and experience we required to be able to work on any Integrated Circuit in the world.

Having left Ireland, we still had a desire to return and to one day work out of Galway again… and that is where the idea for Chipright evolved. We had the knowledge and technological experience to design and validate complex micro-chip circuits, proven experience but with limited business contacts and limited knowledge in setting up a business that would enable the opportunity to create something new.

We formed the company and found our first customer in the UK and subsequently Sweden from there we were able to establish a customer base. We were introduced to the Innovation in Business Centre (IiBC) in GMIT and under the mentorship of George McCourt and Enteprise Ireland we were able to form a more rigid business plan that would facilitate growth.

We remained in the IiBC for a number of years, where the business was nurtured and enabled to grow. We build up a tier 1 customer base whilst at the same time evolving the internal operations within the business. We networking with other entrepreneurs and business founders in the IiBC  environment – learning from one another before transitioning to the GTC.

Describe the type of products/services you offer?

The core engineering technologies that Chipright supply within are:

What type of customers does your company have?

Our main customers are corporate multinational companies in the semi-conductor industry. Our main customer demographic is European and North American but we have others around the world.

What would you describe as the main unique quality of your company?

Our knowledge of the industry, the underlying technologies and the challenges that our customers face each day is what sets us apart from our competition in the marketplace.

Following our core values of ‘Right first time’, ‘Compete to win’, ‘Be Focused’ and ‘Build Bridges’ are fundamental to everything we do and promote within the company. We want our customer IC designs working first right time in a highly competitive marketplace that requires focus and a well-managed relationship.

Has there been any other particular landmarks in your company’s journey?

There have been a number of events in the company’s history that helped trigger further growth. These include networking and collaborating inside an environment that supports startups (IiBC), becoming an Enterprise Ireland HPSU client, implementing a detailed and highly efficient project management mechanism on top of a custom built CRM focused on our niche market, and following a scaling up methodology have all been key items that facilitated further growth on our journey.

How would you describe your corporate culture?

Core values represent the culture of the company. They are central to everything we do. These are deeply held beliefs that guide how we work and allow us all to be on the same page no matter what role we carry out. Core Values | Chipright

What brought you to Galway Technology Centre?

We had a great experience in the IiBC and we were looking for another centre with a similar ethos where a business like ours was supported and where we could just focus on working on our business instead of having to worry about the day-to-day aspects of managing an office unit. We were delighted to find that in the Galway Technology Centre.

How do you rate Galway as a location to do business in?

Galway is where we started out, its where we grew up and it’s the headquarters of where we want to operate out of as we continue to grow. We’ve had a great experience operating from Galway, the support networks and its multi-cultural workforce has helped our growth by being able to learn and hire skilled team members. We’ve also had great support from GMIT and NUIG over the years.

What are the main corporate challenges you are facing at the moment?

Recruitment is a challenge at the moment as we’re always very careful to ensure any new hires really match the culture of the company in addition to having the required skills for their roles.

What are your company/organisations future plans?

Chipright aims to be the top rated,  high performance supplier of electronic consulting engineers worldwide. We will achieve it by delivering projects right first time, through value added engineering services in a well-structured communication environment.

Our long-term goal is to establish a base in the United States, having already incorporated an entity over there – we are looking to expand and grow within the industry we know so well.

Where can we find out more about you?

Just check out our website: