GTC Wellness Webinar – Working Remotely: Good Practices and Useful Resources

Recorded: 25.2.21

Nearly a year into the pandemic, we might all think that we have become pros at working remote, but there is always learnings to be made.  Join GTC and Paddy McHugh of Compliplus as we discuss some of the best practices of remote working.

As more large scale employers make the switch to remote working as the norm (Salesforce the most recent to make sucha an announce), we must all ensure that we have put the best practices in place with regards to remote working to maintain a sustained level of success.

With recent legislation enacted, remote working has receieved further assurances that it is here to stay.  Compliplus will make sure that both employees and employers are aware of the best practices for remote work and the resources that are out their at this time.


About Compliplus

Our vision is to work in partnership with our clients to help them achieve health and safety compliance in their organisations. We have over 25 years’ experience in the health and safety industry and work across all sectors, in businesses large and small.

In addition to our consultancy business and traditional training programmes we have an easy to use e-learning database which enables your staff to access courses to fully meet their health and safety training requirements. Course content can be tailored to meet clients’ individual needs and we ensure it is kept up to date in line with current legislation and best work practices.


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Remote Work