Living with Covid-19: Important Information for Startup and SMEs

*Section last updated: 6/10/20

Levels of Covid-19 restrictions

As we come closer to the final quarter of what has turned out to be the most unusual of years, the reality of coexisting with Covid19 has sunk in.  The government has now set out its Living With Covid Plan, which gives us some indication of what life will be like for the coming months.  Although restrictions are still in place, and will be so for the foreseeable future, we at GTC are ensuring that our members can continue to operate in a safe, compliant, ameniable workspace.  We continue to operate to full capacity and allow for our members to do the same.  The hygiene and social distancing protocols that we have put in place have allowed a steady growth in members returning to work within the building over the past several months, and we look forward to seeing this continue.

With all this being said, we think it is important to remind ourselves of all the supports and initiatives that are available to Startups and SMEs at this time.  The information below will highlight some of recent and longer running schemes and grants that are available to our members and the wider Startup and SME community.

We have prepared a document to keep our community and our team safe in this document you will see the following:

  • The Guidelines we are being lead by
  • Changes we have implemented to the physical GTC Building
  • Changes to our processes
  • Behavioral changes we are recommending

 This document is not exhaustive and will be updated on an ongoing basis. You can access the document here: 

We look forward to welcoming more of our community back in the coming weeks.


In a bid to assist companies through this challenging times, we have assembled information that will be useful, not only to the companies based here at GTC, but to the wider Business community:

Covid 19 – Current Initiatives and Supports:

Other Support & Advice:

Return to Work Safety Protocol:  These policies are still applicable for businesses looking to return to the office space.

For further information on Covid-19 please see Chambers Ireland  dedicated webpage

Priority is the health and safety of our members, our families, and the wider community. If we can support you and your business during this time please reach out to us on +(0)91 730700 or