Hub and Home at Galway Technology Centre

The Changing Landscape of Work Practices

Over the last few months we have all gotten used to the ‘new normal’ in working practices.  No matter how you refer to these new work practices; remote working, work-from-home (WFH), flexible working or virtual work, we have all needed to adjust.  With adjustments to our daily lives at an individual employee level, companies and employers have equally needed to adjust their work practices.

The current Covid19 pandemic has pushed the remote work/location-less employment paradigm to the fore and it has been well documented in the media over the last several months (Irish Times:  Remote work in top companies, Irish Times: Remote working, why has it taken so long?, The Irish Post: ‘New Normal’, WDC and NUIG Survey of Remote Working during Covid19, RTE: Employees want to work from Home).

Organizations like the Western Development Commission (WDC), the Atlantic Economic Corridor (AEC), and the National Association of Community Enterprise Centres (NACEC)  have all done their part to provide guidance and opportunity during this transition.

The WDC’s most recent campaign highlighting that there is ‘more to life’ will encourage more people to work in the western region.  This campaign is assisted by the network of Enterprise Centres along the Atlantic seaboard and the National Action Plan that has been put in place by NACEC to ensure that these hubs are in a position to enable companies to implement these progressive work practices.

‘Hub and Home’

One way in which businesses are adapting is through establishing a ‘Hub and Home’ working practice.  This allows companies and employees to have a blended approach to where they have their offices based.  With enterprise centres and innovation hubs speckled throughout the western seaboard, the opportunities are endless.  From Startup to SME and then multinational, the ‘Hub and Home’ strategy can suit all companies (Independent: Enterprise hubs…)

Virtual Office Packages and Hotdesking at GTC

Galway Technology Centre featured in a recent RTE Brainstorm article that highlights how digital hubs facilitate these new working practices.  At GTC we want to support all businesses, whether an indigenous startup/scaling company or an expanding multinational, as they establish their ‘new normal’ work practices.  To this degree we have several offerings to fit a range of company needs.

Our Virtual Offices Packages are catered to meet a wide range of needs from standard mailing/business address packages to more expansive options with access to meeting room space or phone answering services.  The virtual offices are perfect for a company starting up that doesn’t want to invest in an office space.  It would also suit companies that need a base in the West, and again, do not have a need for a physical space.

We also cater for those looking for desk space on a short term basis.  Hotdesking@GTC can be done on a half/full day basis with weekly rates available as well.  Our individual desk spaces within the Cube provide a secure, private and professional working environment for the short term.  All you need to do is plug in and get stuck in to your work!


At GTC, you will benefit from the following services which are included:

  • 1 GB Fibre Broadband
  • Free Parking
  • Managed Reception
  • Printing Facilities
  • Discounted Meeting Room Access
  • Onsite Cafe (O’Briens)

We look forward to working with your business.  Any queries regarding our virtual office packages or hotdesking options, please email [email protected].  We look forward to facilitating your company in growing and welcoming you into the GTC community.