It’s all about being ready for the opportunities

By Niamh Costello, General Manager, Galway Technology Centre

As you may have read here recently, we have teamed up with the North and Western Regional Assembly (NWRA) to run an EU Studies Programme.

Twenty-one people from around the region have signed up to it, and we had our first full day of study here in GTC on Friday last.

Next week, the group will spend three days in Brussels and the Irish College in Louven where they will immerse themselves in the institutions of the EU.

Our motivation in this programme is to develop funding expertise around this region.

As David Grant, Chief Executive, Irish College Leuven,  said on Friday last, sourcing funding is not as complex as many people think, but you do know where to look and what exactly you are hoping to achieve.

A new seven-year funding cycle starts in 2021. It’s all about learning what the opportunities are and being ready for them. 

The key lesson I learned on Friday last was the importance of building relationships. Many programmes involve tie-ups between different regions and types of organisations.

The relationships you build may take some time to bear fruit, but, without them, you are flying on one wing.

I will have further updates from Brussels.