Launch of Partnership with Museum

Computer and Communications Museum of Ireland

Students from 6th class in Holy Trinity NS, Mervue and their teacher Keith Joyce during their tour. 

On Friday, the 27th of April, we launched our partnership with the Computer and Communications Museum of Ireland (CCMI). 

Both the centre and the museum share a mission to inspire young innovators to build the future from Galway. In recognition of this shared mission, we invited the 6th class students from the Holy Trinity Primary School to the event where they were given tours of the Mervue branch of Bank of Ireland and the centre. Special thanks to 9th Impact, Siren and Hillwalk Tours for taking the time to speak with the students and show some potential career opportunities.

Finn Krewer of 9th Impact demonstrating their latest game for the Nintendo Switch to the students from Holy Trinity NS.

The CCMI’s interactive, pop-up retro gaming collection was on site along with 9th Impact’s Danger Mouse game for the Nintendo Swtich., Later in the morning, museum co-founder and curator, Brendan Smith, delivered a Scratch programming class to the students.

“The purpose of the museum is to inspire young people and impart on them that they can start anything here in Ireland.”
– museum co-founder, Brendan Smith.

Giovanni Tummarello with the Siren team talks with the students.

In addition to the Made In Ireland pop up exhibition at the centre, artefacts from the museum’s permanent radio collection, which include a 106-year-old Edison phonograph and a section of the first transatlantic cable, were demonstrated by the museum’s radio curator Frank McCurry.

“The Museum provides a fascinating insight into the advances in communications from the 1907 Marconi Station in Clifden, which established the 1st communication bridge between Europe and the USA, to today’s internet. Galway Technology Centre was established “To encourage the development of technology-based industry”, so our involvement today is very much within this ideal and helps to bridge the gap between students and industry. ”
– Frank Greene Chairman of Galway Technology Centre.

Eimear O’Connor of Hillwalk Tours and staff with the students.

Frank Green, (Chairman of GTC )and Phillip Cloherty (Board Member of CCMI) opened the event and paid tribute to the late Dr. Chris Coughlan; co-founder and chairperson of the of the CCMI and a board member of GTC. The partnership between the centre and the museum was one of Dr. Coughlan’s latest initiatives, following the GTC’s sponsorship of the museum in 2017. He was driven to inspire and encourage young people to pursue careers in technology by bringing the history to life and making education accessible.

Board members and management of GTC, CCMI, Portershed and Galway Chamber.