Siren Raises €3m for Market Expansion

Siren uses Data Intelligence to address some of the world’s most important problems. Founded in 2011 as aspin-offf from the Data Intensive Infrastructure research group at NUI Galway led by Dr. Giovanni Tummarello (CPO of Siren),  Siren’s software enables the extraction of insights from data in its native form. Their software has been used by law enforcement agencies and is now being applied to life sciences and financial services. 

The recent €3m investment round, which was led by Atlantic Bridge University Fund, will be used to fund the expansion of their data investigation technology into new markets.

Siren also plans to expand its workforce and has already appointed a new chief executive, Limerick man and former CEO of PolarLake, John Randles. Most of the current staff of 26 are based in their headquarters in Galway Technology Centre with team members located in Cambridge, Italy and France.

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