Atlantec 2018 – The Art of AI and Machine Learning

AtlantTec is returning for its third annual festival and conference. The purpose of the festival is to “showcase Galway’s diverse technology culture and to encourage creativity, innovation and collaboration within the IT, Business and Educational communities in the West of Ireland.”

The festival is a series of technology-themed events of interest to IT industry professionals, groups and educators, culminating in a one day conference that is taking place on the 24th of May in the Baily Allen Hall at NUI Galway. 

The festival comprises of an annual conference, the Digital Women’s Forum and the popular schedule of “In-Company” events that are hosted around the city by organisations in the technology sector. Special Fin Tech and Med Tech events are also planned for this year’s festival. 

We will be hosting two AtlantTec events at Galway Technology Centre this year:

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