Of the West: Podcasts

The Dublin Podcast Festival, by Headstuff and Aiken Promotions, is running until September 30th. If you are in the West you may not have had a chance to check out this inaugural festival with events featuring homegrown and international podcast. You can catch the full lineup on Headstuff.org but today we want to highlight two podcasts worth tuning into that have their origins in the West of Ireland. 

Educated Machine

Educated Machine Podcast

Micheál and Darragh of Educated Machine, a Galway based company who specialise in web and app development, podcast their monthly slot on Flirt FM. Their podcast covers everything from automation to learning. It is best described in the titles of their shows:

  • The humans are dead
  • Our ideas are not original
  • You are not special and you are not smart
  • Learning to learn
  • How deep is your work?

And best understood by listening –  subscribe on iTunes or listen via soundcloud on their website. Talk to them on twitter @educatedmachine.

Real Engineering and Showmakers

Real Engineering Youtube Channel

Brian McManus is an engineer from Galway who left his career in the oil and gas industry to create Real Engineering, a Youtube channel that tells the technical and human engineering stories that shape our world. 

Brian has partnered with Sam of Wendover Productions, a Youtube channel that explores how the world works, to present the podcast Showmakers. In each episode Brian and Sam speak with online creators to learn more about their craft. 

Check out Real Engineering on Youtube and Showmakers on iTunes and their website. You can follow them on Twitter – Brian @Fiosracht and Sam @wendoverpro.